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Alana M. DeVito (they/them) is an internationally recognized sound designer, artist, writer, composer, and musician originally from Toronto, Canada and currently based in New York City. Their audio work harnesses hyperreal sound while weaving the sonic experience across realities. By creating different modes of listening via interdisciplinary installation, sound sculpture and acoustic explorations, they dissect and reimagine narratives around technology, the self, identity and societal dissociation. They extend these themes to the visual realm via generative code, interactive video, text and performance, interpolating ostinato, loop and feedback through form and colour.

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Film Scores and Sound Design

Film Scores and Sound Design

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Sound design
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In the Absence of Fruit and Flowers... - dir. Kali Kahn, all sound by Alana DeVito (2024)

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Interactive AV Installation - Exhibited at Lenfest Center for the Arts, NYC, 2024

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Audio Reactive Projections for Performance
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Artist Statement

A.M. DeVito specializes  in unraveling the complexities and meanings embedded in the realms of sound, video, and code, delving into the rich tapestry of social dynamics, identity, and representation online and in life. As a nonbinary, neurodivergent artist, they are deeply invested in representing marginalized voices, particularly those of queer and trans individuals by addressing the challenges they face in a world that can often feel alienating, contradictory, and unwelcoming. At its core, their practice advocates for the radical 'queering of the machine,' a term that they have coined in their writing and research, inspired by Sarah Ahemd’s “Queer Phenomenology”, where ‘queering’ refers to a process of destabilizing or challenging normative and binary categories, and Legacy Russel’s idea of ‘queering the digital’ in her book, ‘Glitch Feminism’.  To me, ‘the queering of the machine’ means a transformative and performative insertion of marginalized bodies into and between the physical and digital public systems and spaces. A.M.’s artistic journey involves experimenting with the materiality of sound and multimedia sculpture to unravel psychological tensions between the inner and outer self through cross-reality interrogations. They craft immersive experiences that ignite curiosity and play, exploring dimensions of fractals, granularity, repetition, and nonlinear time. Embracing interactivity, projection mapping, and creative code, they insert the neurodivergent, queer body into the digital infrastructure, asserting the presence of intersectional perspectives in the AI-mediated digital future. The interconnected nature of my multimedia installations not only symbolizes the active 'queering of the machine', but also emphasizes the importance of the larger public engaging with divergent perspectives and experiences. It invites viewers to reassess their perspectives, actively engage with marginalized narratives within the context of technology, and play a role in shaping a more inclusive, empathetic future. By bridging the gap between art, technology, and social impact, I aim to contribute to a more inclusive, empathetic future—one where the 'queering of the machine' becomes a catalyst for positive social change in the AI-mediated future. Leveraging technology is a cornerstone of thier practice, aligning it with the evolving landscape of creative exploration integrated with the digital world.  By experimenting with AI and machine learning, theya re not only exploring a traditional artistic practice in a new way but also contributing to a broader dialogue on the intersection of art and technology, while blurring the lines between the human and the artificial, the IRL and the digital. These investigations not only enrich their own artistic journey but also adds a distinctive voice to the ongoing discourse on the ethical implications of AI and data. The AI-generated voices, produced in real time from a neural net trained on my androgynous speaking voice, represent an innovative use of technology that the seamless integration of these technological elements enhances the overall impact, creating an experience that is both visually, tacitly and aurally immersive. A.M.’s artistic mission is centered on breaking down the traditional boundaries of art galleries, making artistic themes accessible and engaging for a diverse audience. Through interactive and participatory experiences, they aim to inspire introspection about the self and foster a deeper connection between our inner and outer selves, while encouraging critical thinkingn online and digital literacy. Multimedia and sound art, typically confined to a specialized corner of the commercial art world, possess substantial potential to reshape the artistic landscape. Operating at the intersections of entertainment, game theory, and fine art, these forms offer multiple gateways for diverse backgrounds, fostering a more inviting and expansive environment within the larger art world. A.M’.’s practice strives to position these avant-garde forms as integral components of the broader art world and creative industry, challenging preconceived notions of commercial and resale value that often dominate the art market. The multisensorial and participatory nature of their work has a unique ability to transcend economic divides, making art more accessible to a wider audience, especially marginalized bodies - not just the affluent. A.M. DeVito makes art for those in the liminal spaces of society -  the lost, alienated, marginalized and forgotten - while opening the door for others who are curious about supporting and engaging with intersectional narratives of the other.

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