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Alana (A.M.) DeVito is a composer, sound designer, musician, and interdisciplinary artist based in Montreal and New York City. Their career as a professional touring and studio musician spans well over 10 years, multiple countries, and numerous instruments. Their creative career has now expanded into new forms and new collaborations in research/creation, digital interactive art, film scoring, and installation work.

In A/V installation, composition, and performance, the weaving of ‘virtual kinetic’ soundscapes through vibrant, textural worlds take center stage while unique, sonic architecture project sweeping narratives. Creative computing intertwines immersive environments while blurring the line between the aural, visual ad tactile sonic space.

Am DeVito has presented their compositions at the New York Electroacoustic Music Festival, the Morelia Visionas Sonoras Festival in Mexico, Berlin Off-Kultur Festival, Toronto’s Long Winter Festival, Pop Montreal, Sled Island Music Festival, Ypsigrock Festival in Sicily, and Vienna’s Freilich Open Arts Series, to name a few.

They hold an undergraduate degree in electroacoustic studies, composition, and creative practice and a minor in computation arts from Concordia University in Montreal. Alana is currently a Sound Art MFA candidate at Columbia University in New York City. Their research work focuses on exploring the intersections of oral history, sound installation, and experimental composition in the study and communication of gender identity, identity politics, and difficult personal histories. Their most recent academic paper is "Sonic Sentimentality and the Unification of the Listening Space: Exploring the Intersections of Oral History and Sonic Art" and was published in the journal Organised Sound. Their next paper, "Consenting the Voice: Essential Collaboration and the Iterative Draft" will be published in the MODA Critical review this Spring.

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Film Scores and Sound Design

Film Scores and Sound Design

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Re-scoring and re-designing soundtracks on horror, sci-fi and fantasy films from the public domain.

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